×  What? With this website, you can describe, simulate, and analyze simple experiments with randomness. It was created for the Mathezirkel Augsburg. This is a local group of PhD students in mathematics who teach free courses to school children who want to learn cool parts of mathematics not taught in school.

How? Write Python code in the left pane. You can use the builtin command roll(), which returns a random number between 1 and 6. (You can also use roll(sides=N) to generate numbers in a different range.) After clicking on Run!, your code is run a specified number of times and histograms depicting the final values of all occuring variables of number type are plotted in the right pane.

Questions? Just drop me a line.

About this demo: This demo is just thin glue connecting several awesome open source projects: Skulpt, CodeMirror, and D3.js. Your custom Python code never leaves the browser. This demo is fully functional when stored offline. Please feel invited to propose Pull Requests!