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«K12/K13» 13. Hausaufgabe «PDF», «POD»

0.0.1 13. Hausaufgabe Eight correct and wrong statements
  • The riots began after two teenagers died in a store.

  • The prime minister, Mr de Moriati, said curfews would be imposed "wherever it is necessary".

  • Officials in the southern city of Amiens were the first to take up the offer, announcing they were preparing to bring in a curfew.

  • Non-governmental organizations also announced a range of schemes designed to help people.

  • He did not apologize for a recent incident in which a police tear-gas bomb landed near a mosque.

  • The curfews were welcomed by the left-wing opposition.

  • The curfews were welcomed by the centre-right majority.

  • The Internet is thought to be used for communication amongst the rioters. Vokabeln
to rebuilt riot-damaged areas
run-down suburbs/troubled areas/problem areas
in all of/part of France
to pass a state-of-emergeny law
to be welcomed by
effectiveness of measures/the integration model
to set fire to, to set alight/ablaze/afire, to torchanzünden, abfackeln