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0.0.1 14. Hausaufgabe Zusammenfassung von "Ethnic Minorities in Britain"

The education of members of minority groups is insufficient. This is because of language difficulties and cultural differences. Steps were taken to remedy this situation, but the overall situation is still pretty bad. Making the public aware of these problems is very important.


The average unemployment rate among ethnic minorities is more than double that of whites. This is partly because in some cultures, girls are to remain in the family and not to get ahead.

The situation gets better, luckily: Now many non-whites are in the catering industry or the National Health Service, some are even Members of Parliament.


The housing situation for ethnic minorities is another big problem. In the 50s and 60s, rentings for members of minorities were often not granted. Thus many flats were shared by several families, leading to overcrowding.

Today, there are still inequalities, but partly due to discrimination-outlawing laws, significant improvements have been made.


Abuse of police power is a big problem; it is widely claimed that far more blacks than white people are subject to suspicion. Luckily, the situation has improved recently: There's a wide network of organisations helping groups to ethnic groups live side by side. Large funds are raised to help these organisations. Vokabeln
a flat of their own
a flat of one's own
Nadja's own flat
insufficient education
to treat sb.
to handle problems
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compulsory extra courses
measures are taken
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programs should be offered