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«K12/K13» 27. Hausaufgabe «PDF», «POD»

0.0.1 27. Hausaufgabe Warum sollten nativ englisch sprechende Menschen Fremdsprachen lernen?
  • Not all people speak English

  • Learning a foreign language helps grokking concepts of language design

  • Elitarian standpoint bad

  • Understanding foreign languages to research (think Latin) Zusammenfassung der Stunde
  • Talked about "A Politically Correct Fairy Tale"; differences to the original fable:

    • cake and wine ↔ diet-food

    • grandmother sick ↔ healthy

    • Little Red Riding Hood dreads the wood ↔ is confident

    • wolf as evil animal ↔ wolf as outcast from society

    • wolf's behaviour evil ↔ wolf's behaviour valid in its own way

    • hunter rescues grandchild and grandmother ↔ gets killed

    • wolf gets killed ↔ wolf lives together with grandchild and grandmother happily ever after

  • Discussed "The wolf and the seven little goats" Todesarten der Bösen in Märchen/Fabeln
  • burn (witch of "Hansel and Gretel")

  • drown (wolf of "The wolf and the seven little goats")

  • intoxication

  • ...