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«K12/K13» 32. Hausaufgabe «PDF», «POD»

0.0.1 32. Hausaufgabe Composition: To what extent do parents have the right or the duty to participate in the decisions of their children who have reached the age of majority? (Abitur 2005/II/II/2)

An ever-recurring theme in the conflict between teenagers and their parents is about the question, to what extent parents should participate in their grownups' decisions.

Instead of simply affirming the view of the children, namely that their decisions are none of their parents' business, a more detailled explication is in order; the question cannot simply be answered by considering only the legal aspect, that is that children who have reached the ago of majority count as self-responsible persons with all the associated rights and duties, of which the right to make own decisions, as guaranteed by the Constitution, is of importance in this context.

People who have this strict opinion on the problem do not consider, that parents participate in their childrens' decisions not to annoy or importune their offsprings, but rather to attempt to help them by sharing their experience; this help is not based on antipathy, but on parental love.

Thus I'm of the opinion, that the so-called teenagers should accept the support they receive from their parents, remembering, that potential discussions should be based on mutual respect.

Also, from a meta point of view, it's interesting that the question is raised at all – both respecting helpful support and knowing when to stop giving unhelpful suggestions should be naturally understood.

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