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«K12/K13» 7. Hausaufgabe «PDF», «POD»

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The area a family lives in can affect a child's educational prospects in a number of ways. Firstly, "universities are paid extra for taking students from poor districts" (l. 21f). This means that moving to such an area raises the chance of a child's application being accepted.

Alternatively, moving to the "catchment area for a good state primary school" (l. 25) is a good option. The disadvantage that "house prices may be up to 20 % higher" (l. 27) is qualified by the fact that selling or renting these houses usually pays off. Frage 3

There are various ways to ensure good education and easy university access for a child. Firstly, sending a child to an independent school is a guarantee for good education and maximises the chances for easy university access later. The disadvantage is that independent schools are usually costly.

Secondly, if you want your child to attend a church-run school, getting a "letter from your priest, saying that you attend Sunday worship regularly" (l. 32), is beneficial. Comment on the cartoon

The cartoon shows the educational problems Britain faces. The school system is far too complicated to be easily understandable: there are plenty of different kinds of schools, and the possible decisions for later schools depend heavily on the schools a child had attended previously.

Furthermore, class war is never far away. If a child used to attend a costly school, his chances for acceptance at a university are usually pretty low.

Additionally, even parents have not received as much education as would be actually needed. This is shown by the father saying "I'd put his name down for Eton if I could spell it!".